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Integrated Wealth Management for a Lifetime

One wealth management plan for freedom and control

We believe that if you are serious about building, protecting and transferring wealth, it must be managed through a singular integrated wealth management program designed to safeguard against unnecessary losses and improve opportunities for long-term investment returns.

Why is an integrated approach so important in today’s complicated geopolitical and e-commerce environments?

Because the more wealth people accumulate, the more complex it becomes. It’s common for people to hire several independent financial specialists, like investment brokers, accountants, estate attorneys and insurance agents. But you, the client, are forced to make sense of their independent, and often contradictory, suggestions. We believe that maximum financial gain is only possible when all financial elements are integrated and working toward a common goal.


Now there’s a better way.
You don’t have to deal with separate financial planners, investment brokers, insurance agents and estate attorneys. You can rely on our expert guidance while monitoring all of your finances simultaneously with Woodward OnePortfolio.

We combine old-fashioned common sense with a progressive knowledge of web-based financial tools and ever-changing financial regulations and market conditions to keep your financial plan up-to-date and always working for you.

You’ll enjoy the convenience of a single program that helps you to build wealth, relax during retirement and ultimately, transfer more wealth to the people and causes you care about.



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